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Enhance client engagement and investment outcomes with PortfolioWise™.
  • Forward-looking quantitative ETF ratings
  • Comprehensive portfolio analysis
  • Customizable, client-friendly reports

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ETF wise.

Select and compare ETFs based on our forward-looking “fund family neutral" rating, expense ratio, liquidity, and other criteria.

Client wise.

Enhance your client communications with integrated, easy-to-understand reports and comparisons.

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Build, manage, and analyze ETF portfolios across various investment strategies, risk tolerances, and financial needs. 

Easy for you to implement.
Simple for clients to understand.

Advisors use PortfolioWise to enhance proposals and win business. From the powerful ETF ratings to the customizable client-ready reports, PortfolioWise cuts through the noise and provides clear investment insights that are easy to align with client objectives and simple to communicate.

Award Winning Features

Features built to accelerate your research, simplify your proposals, and enhance your client engagement:

Access Proprietary ETF & Stock Ratings

Introducing quantitative, forward-looking ratings powered by Chaikin Analytics, whose market-tested methodology has been rating US stocks for more than ten years. Our stock rating combines 20 factors into a simple, reliable indication of a stock’s potential performance relative to the market over the next 3-6 months. It is supported by 10 years of independent backtesting and successful real-world performance since 2011. Activate a 14-day trial today.

Our Equity ETF rating combines the proprietary stock rating model with technical analysis factors into a unique view of an ETF’s potential from Very Bearish (likely to underperform) to Very Bullish (likely to outperform). Ratings are fund-family neutral, eliminating any chance of bias. 

In 2019, Chaikin Analytics won’s Best Industry Research Provider award.

Immediately Detect Shifting Market Trends and ETFs

Discover market trends and shifts through digital macro monitoring. Also see ratings and alerts on all of your specific ETFs with the corresponding watchlist or portfolio. Start a 14-day free trial today.

Select ETFs That Differentiate

With thousands of existing ETFs and new entrants every year, it can be difficult to keep up with the evolving space and find great potential. Our ETF Power Ratings, Group Rankings, and Screener tools are built to cut through the clutter, save you time, and help you find ETFs that are a great fit for your client’s portfolio.

Whether you start from a predefined universe or upload a custom list, you can quickly narrow down hundreds of funds to a few to compare by utilizing filters, sorts, or heatmap visualization. Test-drive PortfolioWise today.

Get an Expert Opinion on Market Activity

Learn more about current trends, interesting ETFs, or general market analysis through our weekly MarketWise commentary. Activate your 14-day trial today.

Share Reports That Are Client-Ready

Share comprehensive, client-ready reports on proposed or existing portfolios. Reports are fully customizable for you to add your name, logo, firm, notes and disclaimer. Access client-ready reports today in PortfolioWise.

Keep Up To Date, Market-wise

Let our curated market blog help you maintain market knowledge and confidence.

Tug O’ War

The Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer.  It definitely felt a little odd this year, as none of the parades and celebrations were occurring.  Usually people are out at barbeques in big gatherings, commonly playing field games- one of my childhood favorites was Tug O’ War.  The U.S. stock market is now

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I Hated Buying Equities in April… But I Did it Anyway

I skew bearish. It’s not my fault really, I was imprinted early in my career. As I have written in the past, I began my career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in January 2000 with bright eyes toward the future. The dawn of a new millennium in the midst of a

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Willie Sutton Would Have Loved The PortfolioWise ETF Ratings

When Willie Sutton, the iconic Depression era folk-hero, was asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, he famously replied, “because that’s where the money is”. For advisors who allocate client assets to stocks as well as ETFs, finding those stocks that add alpha to a portfolio is the holy grail. Using a simple, top

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