About the PortfolioWise Ratings

PortfolioWise, by Chaikin Analytics, leverages the Chaikin Power Gauge ratings for stocks and ETFs. Chaikin Analytics applied its expertise in multi-factor analysis to create the Chaikin Power Gauge Stock Ratings more than ten years ago. It combines 20 factors into a simple, reliable indication of a stock’s potential performance relative to the market over the next 1-6 months. It is supported by 10 years of independent backtesting and successful real-world performance since 2011.

The Equity ETF rating combines the proprietary stock rating model with technical analysis factors into a unique view of an ETF’s potential from Very Bearish (likely to underperform) to Very Bullish (likely to outperform). Ratings for non-equity ETFs (such as fixed income ETFs) and non-US ETFs utilize that technical factor which has been shown to be a strong indicator of performance by itself. These Ratings have been shown in rigorous backtesting to empower investors to successfully differentiate among ETFs on the basis of probable relative future performance. That is, we are not using past performance, but rather we are looking at a rollup of individual stocks ratings that are designed to predict a stock’s potential performance 1 to 6 months into the future.The stock rating also ranges from Very Bearish (likely to underperform) to Very Bullish (likely to outperform).


The stock and ETF ratings are at the core of the PortfolioWise platform and are used individually or to derive other analysis throughout the application including:

  1. The individual ETF Power Rating
  2. The individual Stock Power Rating
  3. ETF profile bars
  4. Stock profile bars
  5. The Sector Grid
  6. Subsector Rankings (derived from the ETF rating)
  7. Group Ranks (derived from the ETF rating)
  8. Industry Ranks (derived from the ETF rating)

For more information or to see backtest information on the performance of the rating, download our white paper here.

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