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Click & Order is Killing the Old Brick & Mortar

Online retail is here to stay and it is only going to get bigger. We have witnessed a total reset of how things will be for a while. In my opinion, retail outlets could turn into glorified warehouses that become a destination to pick up your order, and that is the best case. Otherwise, they

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Is Inflation on the Horizon?

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost, I am not an economist. I am not building and maintaining econometric models. I believe in markets and I believe that they are discounting mechanisms. For the most part they are efficient but not perfectly efficient. Given this, I like to use market based metrics

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Finding 2040’s FANMAG: Thematic ETFs for Long-Term Portfolios

FANMAG and FANMAG stocks are fine, but do these already-huge companies really have enough juice to give bona fide growth investors, especially younger investors, what they really need for the long-term? What they really need is to find their way to companies that will be the FANMAGs of 2030 or 2040. Global Thematic ETFs can

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Will Lucy Pull the Football on Value Investors… Again?

In last week’s post I wrote about the fact that following Charmain Powell’s FOMC press conference, it became clear that rates are likely going to stay lower for longer. This will have a direct impact on the fixed income portion of client portfolios, especially as it relates to the “income’ side of the equation. You

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Top 5 Industries Gaining From Virus Fears and Work From Home Trend

Online Everything – Work from home, delivery services, petcare, home goods etc.. Home Entertainment – Movies, Gaming, Social Media Biotechnology –  Online Stock Trading – capital markets Cleaning and Healthcare Products The virus is devastating to the economy in most of the world and yet there are bright spots to focus on as an advisor

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Are Individual Investors Leading the Market Right Now?

Trying to figure out what could happen in the market in the future There is a lot of money in circulation right now, how much will end up in the stock market? Seeing an interesting trend in investment behavior from Robinhood users Divergence from institutional behavior, what does it mean? Today’s blog post is more

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Two ETFs To Stream Evolving Connectivity Into A Portfolio

After starting out searching for an election-year advertising investment idea I wound up instead in two places I didn’t expect to go; eSports and Social Media Given prior Wall Street experiences with emerging business hype, it’s tempting to assume that such stocks would be for fad-chasing speculators only The Chaikin Power Gauge stock model and

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Staying Positive: What is Your Why?

This has been a trying time for everyone, and it is easy to give in to negative thoughts. They could be related to the markets, the current political and societal climates, the weighing concerns that you are doing the right things for your clients, your family and even yourself.  Advisor “WHY’S”  Finding your “WHY” has

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The Fed’s Gift To Seekers Of Uncorrelated Assets

On Wednesday afternoon Fed Chairman Powell delivered a strong message. To quote, “We are not even thinking about thinking about raising rates.” In my opinion, Powell painted a picture that looks nothing like a V-shaped economic recovery. By all estimates, rates are expected to be near the zero bound through 2022 (it remains to be

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