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The Micro and the Macro At the Same Time

Sometimes it’s “macro” time and sometimes it’s “micro” time. Micro time is generally how I refer to earnings season. That is normally when we can take a step back from the bigger picture themes such as interest rates, currencies, policy and

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Dividend ETFs: Anomalies Are Great, So Long As They Aren’t Mirages

As interest rates remain mired at generational lows, it’s more challenging than ever for those who need income to find it without taking undue risk. There will be many occasions when the market appears to be offering a “free lunch,” high yield without high risk. Closer examination will reveal many of these situations to be

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It’s a Market of Stocks, Not a Stock Market

It’s a market of stocks. This is important to keep in mind in a world where everyone seems to be laser focused on the main market averages. How many times over the past few weeks have we heard about the 2,000+ point plus moves in the Dow (I won’t get started on quoting the Dow

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The Best Days and the Worst Days

Way back in the 1990s, when the “buy and hold” crowd was beginning to accumulate evidence that the most successful investors effectively buy stocks and head to the beach, the idea of “if you missed the 10 best days” in the market started gaining traction in marketing materials.  What it amounts to is that, depending

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