User’s Guide – ETF Comparison

The Research Section includes the Research Hub, the ETF Screener and the ETF Comparison Tool.  These three tools are where you start to build Portfolios for your clients.  

ETF Comparison is designed to allow you to compare two or more ETF’s on the basis of multiple variables, including performance over 3 or 6 months, YTD, 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year timeframes.  

In the example below, the performance comparison is over a period of 1 month.  

If you change the Performance Variable, the time frame covered in the chart will adjust.  You may hover over any day and the chart will show the values for that day.  

ETF’s to compare may be imported from the ETF Screener.  When using the Screener, simply select the ETF’s you wish to compare and you can shift them to ETF Compare.  

I comparison may also be set up simply by searching for and adding symbols for ETF’s using the search function.  You may add symbols to an existing comparison or create a comparison simply by adding symbols one at a time.  

You may also save a comparison.  The data will update each time you open that saved comparison.  

Immediately below the Chart, the ETF’s in the comparison appear as tiles.  Within each tile you have the ability to add the ticker to a portfolio or a watchlist, to delete the tile, or to drag it within the ETF Comparison to reorder how all tiles appear.  

The tile also shows Current Rating, Current Price, and a listing of Bearish, Neutral, and Bullish holdings.  

You may also view Profile Information for each ETF in the Comparison.  

You may also access Summary and History Information.  In the History Section you are able to expand or collapse the Chart(s).  

The ETF Comparison also provides risk assessment information including Volatility, Beta, Assets Under Management (AUM), and Liquidity.  

It also displays information on the holdings of each EFT being compared.  Information includes Total underlying Equities,  Ratings for the Underlying Equities, Market Capitalization Exposure, Sector Exposure, and the Top 10 Holdings by weight.  

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