User’s Guide – Portfolios

In this Tab you can view existing Portfolios or Create New Portfolios.  The Portfolios may contain a mix of ETF’s and Equities.  

Refer to Instructions in the Dashboard.  There are three ways to create a Portfolio in PortfolioWise.  

  1. Import a list from a .csv file
  2. Manually add one or more items to create your portfolio
  3. Copy an existing Watch List as a Portfolio

You may also include Client Portfolios in this Section.  Simply import the Client Portfolios as shown in the Dashboard Section of the User’s Guide.  

Portfolios – Quick Filter

This functionality allows you to filter a list of Portfolios by Portfolio Name.  It also allows you to search across all Portfolios for a Specific Symbol.  

To Filter by Portfolio enter all of the Portfolio Name in the field indicated, and the results will appear as shown in the picture below:

You may also Filter on a Partial Name Basis, and the results will appear in My Portfolios as shown below:

You may also Filter all your Portfolios by Ticker.  Enter the Ticker in the Search Field and you will be able to see all Portfolios containing the selected Equity or ETF.  You must enter the whole symbol, a partial entry will not work.  

You may clear the results of any Filter (by Portfolio or by Symbol) by clicking on the Clear Button at the top right of this section.  

Portfolios – My Portfolios

When this Section Opens, the default view lists all of your Portfolios.  Next to each Portfolio are the number of Bearish, Neutral, and Bullish positions within the Portfolio.  

There are several functions available for each portfolio from this Section.  

Click on the Portfolio and it will open a list of all positions held in the portfolio.

In addition to listing the positions in each portfolio, additional functions are available from this same screen.

The icon to the left of the Power Gauge listings will take you to Portfolio Diagnostic/Compare.  

To the right of the Power Gauge Listings, you may select the Pencil to rename the Portfolio or the Trash Can icon to delete the Portfolio.  

Along the right side of the screen you may access functions related to the individual positions within the portfolio.  You may add additional ETF’s or Equities, you may remove existing positions, you may reallocate the positions in the Portfolio, and you may export a list of symbols from the portfolio.

To add a position, click Add.  Enter each symbol you wish to add, making sure to separate each symbol with a comma.  

To remove a position, simply click on the box to the left of the ticker.  Select all tickers you wish to remove, then click remove. 

To reallocate your positions within the Portfolio, simply click on Reallocate and revise the allocation for each position.  Remember to make sure the sum of the allocations equals 100%. 

The Export Function exports a .csv file with the Portfolio Name and Date.  The .csv file may be easily imported into Excel and contains the Ticker, ETF Name, Rating, Allocation, and ETF Group.  

You may also Create a New Portfolio from this screen.  Click on the ‘Create New Portfolio’ button and a menu opens up allowing you to create a new portfolio (See Dashboard for additional information). 

The Client Portfolios section allows you to set up Integrations to import Client Portfolios into the Platform. 

This section also allows you to set Portfolio Groups.  

First Select a Name for your Portfolio Group

Select the Portfolios you would like to include in your Group.

Acknowledge and close.  

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